Sarong, Blue with flowers and Samoan Design
Sarong, Blue with flowers and Samoan Design
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Sarong, Blue with flowers and Samoan Design

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This piece is an exquisite representation of Samoan design, featuring a central motif of a stunning blue flower surrounded by an array of purple, pink, and yellow flowers, each rendered with remarkable detail and vibrancy. The blue flower stands as the centerpiece, its deep, rich hue reminiscent of the Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Samoan islands. The petals are meticulously designed, with subtle gradients and textures that give the flower a lifelike appearance, evoking a sense of tranquility and depth.

Encircling the blue flower are complementary blooms in shades of purple, pink, and yellow, each adding its unique burst of color and meaning to the composition. The purple flowers symbolize royalty and tradition, reflecting Samoa's rich cultural heritage. The pink blooms bring a sense of youth and vitality, while the yellow flowers add a touch of warmth and sunlight, mirroring the tropical climate of the islands.

Interwoven with these floral elements are traditional Samoan patterns and motifs, including geometric shapes and intricate tattoo-inspired designs known as 'tatau.' These patterns are not merely decorative; they are deeply symbolic, representing protection, community, and the connection to the natural world that is central to Samoan culture.

Crafted with precision and care, this design pays homage to the artistry and symbolism of Samoan culture, presenting a harmonious blend of nature and tradition. Whether displayed on fabric, a canvas, or any other medium, it tells a story of beauty, resilience, and the enduring connection between the people of Samoa and their environment. This blue flower with purple, pink, and yellow flowers, set against the backdrop of Samoan design, is a vibrant celebration of Pacific Island art and heritage.


72"W x 36" w

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