Our Story

Manu’a Store was founded by CEO Manua Chen and COO Michelle Chen after deciding to branch off of the family business and take on a more corporate structure. Manu’a store’s mission is to provide local jobs and broaden local opportunities by developing leaders within the company.

Having been born and raised in American Samoa, Manua introduced his wife to the island in 2001. Michelle fell in love with the local arts, and went on to build a brand that caters to the locals in American Samoa, bringing in quality products for an affordable price.

Our fabrics are printed with locally made designs and inspirations. These inspirations derive from the beauty of the island’s nature and culture. Our online product offering consists of siapo elei design fabric, Samoan design sarongs, men’s Samoan tattoo print shirts, and Samoan seis.

Manu’a Store proudly resides in American Samoa. To learn more about the island and its culture, check out our blog.