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Samoan Design Cotton Print Fabric - Blue Samoan Elei Pattern -44"x36"

Samoan Design Cotton Print Fabric - Blue Samoan Elei Pattern -44"x36"

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Infuse your projects with the vibrant culture of Samoa using our Samoan Design Cotton Print Fabric featuring the stunning Blue Samoan Elei Pattern. Measuring 44" x 36", this high-quality cotton fabric boasts a traditional Elei design in rich blue hues, perfect for creating beautiful garments, home decor, or craft projects. The intricate patterns and bold colors reflect the essence of Samoan artistry, bringing a touch of the islands to your creations. Soft, durable, and versatile, this fabric is ideal for anyone looking to incorporate a piece of Samoan heritage into their sewing and crafting endeavors.

  • Item #: 17794
  • Width: 44"
  • 100% Cotton
  • Samoan Elei Pattern
  • Care: Machine wash gentle cold, cool iron
  • Units sold by the yard
  • Maximum cut on this item is 5 yards. When ordering more than 5 yards, it will come in multiple cuts. Example:  If ordering 12 yards, we will cut in 5 yards increments, so 5 + 5 +2 yards.   If ordering less than 5 yards, we will fill your order in the longest cuts possible based on our inventory.

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