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Braided Red Lopa Seed and Mongo Shell Necklace set

Braided Red Lopa Seed and Mongo Shell Necklace set

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A Braided Red Lopa Seed and Mongo Shell Necklace set is a beautiful piece of jewelry that combines natural elements and intricate craftsmanship. Here’s a detailed description:

  • Braided Design: The necklace features a braided design, intertwining strands of durable material to create a sturdy yet elegant piece.
  • Red Lopa Seeds: The centerpiece of the necklace is the red Lopa seeds, known for their vibrant color and smooth texture. These seeds add a striking contrast to the overall design.
  • Mongo Shells: Complementing the Lopa seeds are Mongo shells, which provide a natural and earthy touch to the necklace. The shells are polished to enhance their natural luster.
  • Necklace Set: The set typically includes matching earrings or a bracelet, featuring the same combination of Lopa seeds and Mongo shells. This ensures a cohesive and stylish look.
  • Length and Adjustability: The necklace is usually of a standard length, with an adjustable clasp to fit different neck sizes comfortably.
  • Cultural Significance: Such pieces often have cultural significance, reflecting traditional craftsmanship and natural beauty.
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