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Sarong, Army Green with Assorted Color Flower, Samoan Design

Sarong, Army Green with Assorted Color Flower, Samoan Design

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This sarong presents a unique and striking blend of contemporary style and traditional Samoan design, set against an army green background. The color choice of army green gives the sarong a grounded, earthy feel, reminiscent of the lush landscapes and rich terrains of the islands, offering a subtle yet sophisticated base for the vibrant explosion of flowers that adorn it.

The flowers themselves are rendered in an assortment of colors, from fiery reds and deep oranges to sunny yellows and cool blues, each bloom intricately designed with a nod to Samoan artistry. These floral motifs are not random; they are carefully chosen to represent the diverse flora of Samoa, with each color and shape telling a story of the islands' natural beauty and cultural richness. The detailed patterns within the flowers incorporate traditional Samoan motifs, such as the 'tatau' (tattoo) patterns and geometric shapes, symbolizing protection, community, and the connection to nature that is central to Samoan culture.

The sarong is made from a lightweight, breathable fabric, ensuring comfort and ease of wear. Its versatility is unmatched; it can be tied in various ways, serving as a wrap, dress, or skirt, making it suitable for a range of occasions, from a day at the beach to a cultural event.

This army green sarong with its assorted color flower design stands out for its ability to merge the traditional with the modern, the understated with the vibrant. It is a wearable piece of art that pays homage to the Samoan way of life, offering the wearer a piece of the islands' legacy and a stylish, meaningful addition to their wardrobe.



72" W x 36" H

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